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Air Slide Fabric

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Our Air Slide Fabric and Air Slide is fabricated to fetch mass powders from storage sections or silos into a processing network. They cater tractable and expedient procedure of converting and if required, they can also subsumes multiple and bends discharge ends. Our range of Air Slides comprises a rectangular chambers detached by a absorbent fabric and is disposed at a minute angles as low as 1.5 degree. Coarctate air is instilled into the bottom chamber which later pervades through the means and Fludises the goods. Afterward, the product act as a liquid and runs down the extent of the chamber while venting the surplus air to a dust collector. Air slide clothes have wide usage for transporting solids at a faster rate over longer distances. These serve a low and efficient energy system escorted by minimal maintenance. Our customers can purchase the array in multiple outlets and inlets by the use of inseparable fragment valves.

Our range of Air Slide Clothes are as follows:

  • Airslide fabrics: The alternative names are aero cloth, air slide conveyor and air slide canvas that can be created in 2mm to 10mm of thickness.
  • Airslide beltings: We can develop air slide beltings in cotton, polyester and glass fiber with maximum width of 3500mm.
  • Airslide hose: It is also known as Aeration Hose which is utilized for large quantity cement trailer discharging. The standard length measurements are 30m, 50m and 100m.
  • Airslide pad: It's other name is Aeration pad which is primly used for the aerification of heavy scale powders and granules in silo wagons or silos.
  • Airslide sifter cleaner: This has substitute names like sifter pad, milling fabrics, square plan sifter cleaner, mesh pads, plan sifter pads, plan sifter accessories and HHH Air slide Fabrics which are accessible in three assortments.
    • a) Polyester based air slide fabrics: Our gamut of filter clothes are strongly woven with polyester fibers and have unmatched features that are as follows:
      • It has continuous air penetrability
      • Comes with scrape, degradation and wear resistance
      • Have high tensile power in weft & wrap
      • It prevents the creation of fungus, bacteria, decay and rotting
    • b) Polyamide or Nylon based air slide fabrics: These clothes are rigidly created with premium grade of nylon and are used for pneumatic couriers of mass materials. It is considered as an inseparable portion of chemical industry, dense phase systems, ship & fixed cement tanks, cement plant, metallurgical industry and air & fluid slides bulk cement tank trucks.

    • c) Cotton based Air Slide Fabrics: As the name signifies, this range is woven by using top notch quality of cotton in both weft and warp. Following are the unmatched attributes of our product:
      • Moisture free applications are suggested as it soaks up humidity
      • Suitable for transportation of mild abrasive or non-abrasive materials
      • It is self cleansing and can be coated with silicon to suit specific requirements

These are fabricated by using textile fabrics which are used in air slides that are referred as aeration pads, aero slides, fluxes channels arms or fluid for pneumatic carrying finest dry goods such as cement and other allied materials. The twisted construction of filter mean facilitates to adjust the flow of air with fixed limits of penetration which allows only a certain volume of air to fill at a coveted water standard pressure via air slide clothes. Properly a dense weave or loose medium structure that are incorporated in air slides result in the flow of air being high or low means as craved. Further, the choice of yarns also give precised and stable air porosity which states that our entire gamut is developed by 100% natural cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester, polyamide etc. Our clients can avail these as per their requirements.

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